Saturday, January 31, 2009

Local Talent-Deborah Sikora

As we all know, Peterborough, despite Bancroft's lame claim, is the most creative spot in Canada, rife with talent. And since I know alot of the talent, Ithought that I would showcase them here, for the benefit of you, faithful reader.

My first choice is, of course, the fabulously multi-talented Deborah Sikora. Debbie and I took Metal Jewellery Making at the Peterborough School of Art, but met years ago when I managed Blue Sky Bead and she taught there.

Debbie is a member of The Bead Hive, a group of ladies who...bead, dude. She is also currently selling her work at Mandie and Co., an awesome artists' co-op on Water Street at Hunter.

Unlike me, Debbie has the patience of Job and so excels at the most beautifully detailed chain maille. Quite gorgeous! Go see some and then buy it! K? She makes all sorts of jewellery but her creative talents go far beyond 'just beads'!

Visit Debbie every Wednesday at Mandie and Co. and visit her at the Ptbo Gem and Mineral Show at the end of February, at the Evinrude Centre.

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