Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birds of a Feather

Yay Cindy! Cindy was inspired by my Spring Ring! Here is her latest nest! And here are Cathe's latest nests, which are blowing me right away!

I gave a Spring Nest pendant to our vet this weekend for doing such a good job of looking after Aries our cat. Good gift for a vet, eh!?

And some other good news has hatched, lol! I will be selling the little charmers in various formats - rings, pendants, earrings - at a new gallery/gift shop downtown. But more on that later!

This week's challenge is to make something with Found Objects! Yay! Lots of ideas for that already!
Before we move forward though, I must draw your attention to vintagepix's self-portrait from last week, which just pings something in me. Love it! love love love. I must make one and post it, especially since I blurted out that I would on vintagepix's blog! lol But I do like the transparent aspect very, very much!

I know you know what Found Objects are and so, apparently, do these people. I have to make more bird nests right now, though. ; )


  1. Hello and thanks for join my little blog! This makes me happy and is an incentive to make it better!
    Love your works, the nest is so charming!

  2. OOOPS! Hope you'll forgive me! Reading more attently the post I saw the nest was not yours but Cindy's (inspirated by you)

  3. The nest IS mine! lol The picture of the ring on my post is a picture of my ring and if you follow the link, you will see the ring that Cindy made, after she saw my ring. : )

    Thank you for following my blog, Ms. Zorro! It does make me want to do a much better job now that I know you are reading from Roma! Grazie! I am making nests all day to fill an order but will explore your blog more soon...and comment!

  4. LOVE your nests!! Thank you so much for linking to mine. You're wonderful.



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