Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Craft of Folk

A cool new shop has opened on Water Street in Downtown Peterborough! It is owned by Chad and Sue and they call it Craft of Folk. It is a small, but beautiful art gallery, selling handmade stuff. Chad is an extraordinary wood carver and Sue's gorgeous pyrography is displayed throughout the store. A wood carver and a wood burner!

I'm excited to be selling my stuff there, jewellery, cards, gem trees, shrines...I'll keep you informed. I really only make one kind of jewellery...using very specific stones and colours in very specific combinations to achieve very specific results...usually happiness or a sense of being more connected to Nature. Blue Bird of Happiness Nests, Chakra bracelets and prayer beads, for example. The gallery is the kind of place where everything has a special purpose, too!
Hope you take a moment to visit! It's right beside Books n Things!


  1. Congratulations Wendy!!!! It is so exciting to be "in store" and just in time for your Birthday!!!!!

  2. Although I usually focus on teaching jewellery making and making things just for me, this opportunity just couldn't be resisted! I'm a lucky duck!



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