Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lotus Position Pendant

Something yoga inspired obviously....The Lotus Position, in 20g sterling silver wire. I am VERY pleased with how this worked out, although I want to try it in 18g as 20g, which this is, needs to be reinforced as it is. That could be cool too though so we will see. Now to add a jump ring or some such and off we go!

Ohhh, and I got to use the new jig I bought right away! Have I mentioned the new jig? The Beadalon Deluxe Thing-a-ma-jig no less! It is a very handy tool if you do certain types of wire work....and it is just the ticket for making the yoga pendant! Let's see what else I will come up with.

1 comment:

  1. Great design (and so nice and smooth - my loops never look that good :o)



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