Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shrine Time

Yay! I made two matchbook shrines yesterday (and some chakra themed bottle caps but that's another post!). Naturally, I had all the materials on hand, cause I've been meaning to do this for ages. I've rededicated myself to the Make It Monday Challenges and that has really gotten my juices going! It's funny, but these arbitrary artistic challenges from a stranger really do oil my creative machine, and I also end up making things that my own imagination has been demanding. The only little problem is that I don't have my camera hooked up to my notebook so I have been taking shots with my webcam...lol...hey, they could be worse and I will replace them later with better photos. In the meantime, here is my turquoise shrine...not finished yet, but I am very pleased so far! Does it read turquoise? Don't you love my yogini?! I'm putting a few more things in the shrine and will post it again. Golly, how fun and cute!
The directions (and supplies if you don't have any) are here at Lisa Vollrath's site, Ten Two Studios.
And here is a bit more matchbox insanity:

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