Friday, March 20, 2009

A Spring Ring ... Ta Da!

Isn't that a pretty thing? Okay, not my best photo, but as usual, I just had to post my progress! I used 26 guage sterling silver wire, which I just got last week from Nancy, (thanks, Nancy! see you at the farmer's market!) plus some beautiful pearls that I got from Debbie (thanks Deb!).

I knew that I wanted to make a little bird's nest for my Make It Mondays Spring challenge...the robin just says Spring to me! We have a beautiful stained glass window of two robins on a flowering branch facing East in our living room. I love the Sun streaming through it! We call our house 'Spring House', because of this window. Well, I do lol!

Anyway, once I decided on using wire, I googled 'little wire bird nests' and found this very helpful guide to get me going. (Google rocks! I ask it everything, usually in a very conversational tone, and it always seems to get me. I wonder if it has a girlfriend? sigh).

Back to the birds nests! Isn't the name of this blog great? 'Just Something I Made' by Cathe Holden. Have a good look....try not to squeal loudly if you're at work looking at her blog. : )

Have a look at these nests, by Cindy at Beadaholic, also aided by Cathe's tutorial. Very cool!

I predict more nests in my future...thank you Cathe Holden!

1 comment:

  1. Yours came out amazing!! Wow!

    Thank you so much for the nice mention and links. Have a wonderful Spring.



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