Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Full Moon in Libra - Shared Courage

Having many interests, is a site that I visit daily. I appreciate the format-short bytes of info leading to more intensive research. There are quite a few of their newsletters on various topics that come to my mailbox on a weekly basis and they are always a great leaping off point.

Here is an excerpt from this week's Astrology newsletter by's Astrology Guide, Molly Hall.
"The Queen of the Night is in Libra for this full Moon (exact on April 9th, at 10:56 am EDT). Libra evokes the instinct for balance, justice and relationship harmony. We discover who we are, by the reflection in another's eyes. But with other tense dynamics in play, this Venus-inspired lunar peak is not all moonlight and roses. What's reflected in another's eyes is the potential Best Self...the one that needs to emerge into being, to meet the emergency of the times.

With the full Moon, the Sun in Aries is in opposition. When the Sun is in Aries, we feel our oats -- the inner vitality -- and sense of confidence in who we are." Continue reading here.
More interesting articles on the full moon and astrology, alternative religions and other thought provoking topics can be found here at

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  1. Hi Wendy! Thanks for your toughts, is very kind of you! Here in Rome the tremors had been quite strong; but with no damages for people or buildings. Our toughts are for all the people from L'Aquila that lose the loved ones and the homes.
    The USA government offered already to collaborate for the reconstruction.



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