Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm a Beadin' Path Design Partner!!!

One day I was on Twitter.....on one of the many days that I was on Twitter...on Twitter as usual, lol,... when I noticed that The Beadin' Path's Heather was asking for retweets of her post. The 30th retweet would win a $50 bag of vintage Lucite beads. Free beads! Retweeting is a breeze from Tweetdeck or Seesmic Desktop. Anywho, wasn't the 30th tweeter. I read the tweet that said I hadn't won and then went off somewhere to another web page or something, and, more or less, forgot about it.

BUT, when I checked back in to Twitter (compulsively) there was a Direct Message for me, from Heather, asking if she could send me a similar bag of beads. The 'catch' was that she wanted me to make something out of them and mention it in my blog. Can you imagine the nerve!? lol. Well, since this is 'all I have ever wanted'.....I said "Yes please!"

It just seems so fun to have someone else pick the beads and tell you to make something! I can add things out of my own vast stash of course and I already have 2 brilliant ideas for what I am going to make!

Now, you know that I am a firm believer in Vision Boards. When I first found out that there was such a thing as partnering with a bead company this way, I very much wanted to do it! I mean, come on! I even wrote this desire on my Google profile page!

So there you go! Vision boards, people! Write down what you want and then get to work!!!


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