Monday, August 31, 2009

Make My Monday!

It's another Beadin' Path Design Partner Project! I started with 20 Vintage Lucite Yellow Moonglow Barrel Beads and Vintage Lucite, Bright Spring Green Moonglow Round Beads, 14mm. There are 15 beads per strand.I used 8 in the actual necklace and held 4 back to make earrings. I used faux leather cord in yellow and green, the exact same shades as the beads and attached crimp endings to each end of cord. I don't tend to measure things because I'm too impatient, so I just kept folding the cords in half and cutting them to get the right size. I was going to use chain but wanted something a little more exciting. The cord is perfect and fits right in with the Woodstock influence trending now due to the music festival's 40th anniversary. You may remember me saying that I am trying to make jewellery that doesn't have clasps. I love being able to throw this over my head and wear it at different lengths. I also used big 9mm jump rings for a contemporary, modern look. The real key to making this design are the silver-plated crimps, 6x2mm tubes with loops,
from Fire Mountain Gems. They finish the ends of the cord beautifully, don't they?  The cord was just the right size, but to make it easier to put the crimp tubes on, I cut the cord on an angle and applied a drop of glue to hold it tight.

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