Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wendy's Wednesday Web

Introducing WWW, (don't make me say it all, lol!) Every Wednesday I will share my fascinating findings via my secret sources! ( 'sources' not 'sauces'). Handpicked tidbits from the Crafty Canadian, that I think you may enjoy! Shall we?!

1. Confessions of a Housewife Crafter caught my eye this week. Scarlet is a fellow Craft Trends Dept. columnist and her blog is pink! A light scarlet? Once you're there, check out Scarlet's links to her Artfire shop, column and other things. I know firsthand that she has just started something called Artisan Lincs that she is quite excited about. Ask her! Oh and careful, she makes jewellery! hee hee!

2. Another pal-o-mine, Xane at House Morbid, has new stuff in her shop everyday it seems. She offers lovers of the strange just what they want! Don't be scared! Go have a look at her Artfire shop and read her Craft Trends columns. Her take on things is interesting and will snap you awake if you don't watch out! She's sweet AND scary.

3. Dawno's been dipping into her bead stash again, trying this, reworking that. I love what she came up with and how she got there! Oh Dawno!

4. Here in the PeterPatch (that's Peterborough, Ontario to you), I have managed to resist quilting. Quilts are so pretty and intricate and too hard for impatient me. That's why I love Lois Tuffin's Scrappy Quilter blog! I love how she sorts through everything and brings me the cream of the crop. I love the pictures of the pretty, pretty quilts too! This week she wants selvedges, whatever that is. It makes for a very cool, fabric collage!

5. I've got a feeling that something's getting glittered over at the Crafty Chica's blog and ta da! I am right! I never expected that it would be a Coke bottle though!

6. MAN! Incredibly exciting news from our fellow Canadians at BeadFX in Toronto! Let me quote! "We are so, so excited and proud of Stephanie Dixon! Stephanie, whom some of you know as our crochet instructor, and others know as one of our celebrity inspiration designers has just been accepted as a Create your Style Ambassador! This is a very elite group, with only 34 ambassadors world wide!" Congratulations Stephanie and BeadFX for having the sense to hire her! Awesome achievement!

7. I am strangely attracted to this Moulin Rouge Tiny Top Hat Headband by Margot Potter for ILOVETOCREATE and modeled by Ms. Avalon Potter, (no relation to Harry but yes, related to Margot)!

8. Vintage Pix read my mind and painted some fabric, something I ALMOST did last week, but ended up colouring in a bandana with markers. I like how Carolyn's stuff came out better lol!

9. Jessica at ecocesseries got Greenspotted....and it looks good on her! It's not easy being green, but Jess has it going on!

And that's it for this Wednesday!



  1. Thank you for the mention! Between your Wednesday Web and my Sunday Wanderings, who needs an RSS feed? ;-D

  2. Thanks for the mention - and quilting doesn't HAVE to be intricate (or even accurate) - For example, Jan Mullen has done some books about quilts that don't require accuracy (Check your library)

    Or you might like the Chicago School of Fusing, which is basically collage with fabric

    Resistance is futile! mwahahahaha!

  3. You've got some good picks here Wendy - but I agree with you about the quilting. Too tedious for me as well. I had great ambitions for a quilted duvet cover, but I bailed on the project after I had visions of swimming in fabric scraps for some long nights ahead!

  4. Wendy, my dear, I just got home from holidays, and found your blog full of interesting things! Lovely!



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