Thursday, December 31, 2009

Glad Rag Swag Bag

Having received my second mailing of goodies from Rings & Things but being separated from both my cameras for reasons long and boring, I was at a loss to show you my loot. Then my brain woke up and I got these pix for you to look at!

Please go to A Bead a Day to see the full bounty of beads as they came to the mailbox of Lisa Crone. Oh, and her new book is out!!!! It looks wonderful and I am humbled to even have the same beads as Lisa! lol!

Here's an awesome close-up of some of the beads from Rings & Things:

These are black 'faceted helix sparkly glass beads'. Helix. "A helix (pl: helixes or helices) is a type of space curve, i.e. a smooth curve in three-dimensional space. It is characterised by the fact that the tangent line at any point makes a constant angle with a fixed line called the axis. Examples of helixes are coil springs and the handrails of spiral staircases." -Wikipedia 

A space curve! So Tardis and Dr. Who! Seriously, you need to see these beads in real life! They are subtle yet happening! They are beyond faceted! To me, they whisper 'Vampire Steampunk'. Yes, I know, steampunk again. I have the most amazing thing to grace these beads with and then I will show you!

In the mean time, please do visit the blogs of the others playing with these beads, some of whom are listed in the sidebar on the right. My right.

Happy New Year! All the best for 2010! Keep sparkling!



  1. You're right! :) And you're the first to compare these sparklies with Dr. Who, for which a la BBC quiz shows I'm gratuitously awarding you 1.7 million points.

    Happy new year, Wendy!

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things

  2. There IS something very science fictiony about them...something almost neo-Victorian even!

    I can't wait to show you the necklace I'm making with them! Suffice it to say that it is de pendant upon a chandelier!

  3. Hi Wendy! You are so right about the faceted helix beads, wow!! They are great and I had the chance to get some feedback from people in real life last week and they were impressed and amazed at the shape and shiny-ness of them!

    By the way, THANK YOU SO MUCH for mentioning my blog and book, you are so sweet! :) Have a very happy new year!! I can't wait to see what you mix with the helix beads.



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