Monday, January 4, 2010

Wish Upon a Star Thread Bracelets - First KISS Craft of 2010

KISS Crafts are crafts that I want to share with you because they are super simple, yet rich in content. They instantly gratify yet have long lasting repercussions! They don't demand a lot of space, but they take up a lot of room in your heart and in the heart of the person you give one to! Keep It Simple Sweetie is what K I S S stands for, in this crafty case. You will not need many supplies or tools either, although you are always welcome to upgrade! But I do recommend using things like junk mail and old phone books, where apropo, for the most part.

KISS Crafts are meant to lift your heart, make you smile and encourage you to share your art by making 2 and passing 1 on. I really hope that you will show me what you make, too!

My first nominee for the KISS Craft category is from the Crafty Chica of course! If anyone gets this concept it is Kathy Cano-Murillo! We will be visiting her often for more ideas but this first one is a great one to start the year! The Crafty Chica's art always inspires me and lifts my heart and I know that you will love it too! Please take a photo of your bracelets when you make them! (Don't forget to give one away!).



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