Monday, May 3, 2010

Water Bottle Bracelet Kit!

My super fab kit arrived from Eco-Heidi! Everything I need to make 3 bracelets IMMEDIATELY, and a bunch more with a little bit of cutting!

Look, you can see the bottom of the scissors in the bottle! How did Heidi get the scissors in there?

The best part was grabbing the bottle...and nothing else....and heading off to Crystal's for an afternoon of eco-friendly crafting with everthing I needed, neatly contained! Love it! Thank you Heidi! You rock!

I ordered my kit from Heidi from the Cool 2 Craft Boutique! I watch Cool2Craft TV LIVE! on the net every Monday at noon, and that is how I found out about this great kit and all sorts of other cool crafty things! It's a great way to spend your lunch hour!

You can check it out through the link in the sidebar or join through Facebook. Just enter "Cool 2 Craft" in Search.

I made a skinny bangle by wrapping it with fibre and a wider bangle that I covered with one of the enclosed fabric strips. Photos coming!

These are so fun to make that I'm sure I will have lots to show you! Stay tuned for my interview with Eco-Heidi, this Wednesday in my Craft Trends column at Handmade News and check out my Paper Roses Topiary on the Cool 2 Craft blog as part of Floral Week!!! Thanks for featuring me Tiffany!

Do you use recycled stuff to make crafts with?


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  1. wow.......this is too darn cool! I have never made a bangle from a water bottle before. Isn't Eco-Heidi great? I have to start watching that show again! I can't wait for your interview with Heidi! Should be fun!

    Love, violette



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