Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Small Art for the Faint of Heart

Astrological signsImage via WikipediaSmall Art for the Faint Of Heart

In one month, my eCourse on Art & the Stars begins! Small Art for the Faint of Heart involves making matchbox shrines, ATCs triptychs, domino altars, and more, using astrology as our inspiration! Which seems like quite a unique concept to me!

The projects are small, which makes them doable, and rather adorable! You will learn what your sun sign, rising sign and moon sign are, what they mean and how they influence you! You'll discover the Sun or Zodiac signs of the significant others in your life, and make small art that celebrates them! We will have 12 months to get to know our own birthcharts, our positive and negative attributes, how we react to things, how we appear to others, our element, our power colours, and so much more!

For $2.50 a month, this 12 month eCourse will not only teach you about yourself, but also about mixed media techniques that you may not have tried yet! It will provide you with images, quotes and ideas that you can make each project with as well as giving you enough material for other projects!

All the Art will be Small!

Halfway through each month will be our GiveAway! Yay! Presents! That's right! As a student, you will be entered to win a fabulous prize from one of our friends, including Rings & Things, Mori Cupcake, HHH Enterprises, The Beadin' Path and Winged Heart Studio, among others!!!

Have you signed up for Small Art yet?
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