Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Some Small Art!

Some student work for you to enjoy, from my eCourse, Small Art for the Faint of Heart, lovely little Artist Trading Cards! I am so pleased with how the Small Art course is going so far! The art alone is amazing but the insights ... that is what I am really enjoying! I am learning so much myself, about myself, this way. I know the others are too and it is fun to be a part of!

It is interesting that we have Fire signs, Air signs and Water signs taking part, but not one Earth sign! lol I'm not surprised! Earth signs are so practical and cautious! Do they have any fun though? lol Dear Earth signs, there is a sale on for the month of Valentine's, should you find yourselves in a particularly generous mood!

Right now we are having a look at patterns in our relationships! This should be interesting!

There is still time to join us!

Won't you?

:: images courtesy of Pegi Eyers and Arlene Holtz 
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