Saturday, April 19, 2008

Hand Some

Okay, was not able to marshall my forces to take the hand collection photos but am posting this as my Make It Monday Hand entry.

It is an actual tracing of my hand on felt, stuffed with batting and lavender (!) and then doodled on with thread, wire and beads. It is very nice to be able to hold your own hand, give a comforting squeeze, and then be rewarded with the ever lovely smell of lavender.

Of course the creativity just kept flowing after I took the pic and so had to fool around with the image of my hand. The hand is propped up in a plant in front of the window and the sunlight was streaming in on it, so it is a bit odd looking...

So...still have the music challenge to complete before Monday! Help me, James Blunt! (Protect me from the Mouse Destroyer!)

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