Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Make It Wednesday?

It was a mad week with the bi-annual Library Book Sale monopolizing my thoughts and time (went 4 times-twice Friday and twice Saturday....wouldn't want to miss 'fill a bag for a toonie'!) Got some amazing books of course and just loved the whole hunt and the thrill of the find! So much so that I turned down an opportunity to be on CHEX TV, filmed by my friend, Steve Guthrie! I know! But those first few minutes of the sale are Crucial! One must find one's subject table and then establish a fortified position there within which to spot and pluck. So much fun!

Anywho, I'm a little bit backed up already with the Monday challenge! But the hand entry is minutes away I promise! And then I can start on the new Make It Monday challenge for this week: Music. A James Blunt pop-up, perhaps?

Oh, I did find time to make a little video that I call "Cloudspotting". That too shall be posted soon, technology permitting.

Now, one more thing! I challenge Debbie to jump in to the Make It Monday madness and update her dormant blog once a week! And then we can also tell about our Art School Adventures! Haven't I mentioned that? We are signed up to take Jewellery Making at the Peterborough School of Art!!!!


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