Thursday, April 3, 2008

Make It Mondays!

After months of being unable to get on's what is happening with me artistically....I've joined an awesome group called Make It Mondays! Every Monday, the creatrix of the group, the totally inspiring Lisa Vollrath, posts the weekly theme and then you can interpret it however you like.

I'll be blogging about these challenges here!

This is a great chance to be a little more disciplined about my art practice...and a bit more organized! I have been lurking on Lisa's site, making stuff from her fantastic tutorials for so long that it is ridiculous! I'm glad to be coming out of the art closet and giving Lisa credit for her helpful and motivating articles. THANK YOU LISA!

Check out Lisa and her inspirational sites. Join in the fun! Start here: Lisa has more sites. Explore them at your leisure. The quantity and quality of her free how-to instructions are as good or better than any I have seen elsewhere, regardless of the medium! So there!

This week's theme is Paris. Paris Wish is a collage ATC that I made, following Lisa's Formula for ATCs. ( I then took a photo of the ATC and added, digitally, a tattoo of a heart with the word Paris on it, on her shoulder. It's kinda hard to see....Subtle!

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  1. Wendy,

    a lovely creation!

    Michelle Brown
    Melbourne Australia



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