Friday, April 10, 2009

Garden in a Glass!

Just the other day, Sue from Craft of, was making one of these delightful environments. They are wonderful for shrinking yourself down into through the power of your imagination! Seriously, just get comfy and picture yourself in there! Fun and relaxing!

Found great instructions over on the Wool Food Mama's blog. I'm not really sure how I got I certainly wasn't looking for terrarium how-to's...strange. Wool Food Mama's photo of one of the gardens is, as you can see on the left and a little to the top, is just beautiful...notice the Sunlight filling the bottle...lovely! Love the photo, the instructions, and the rest of the blog is awesome too. Her wool food is hilarious and cute! Be sure to visit! Thanks Wool Food Mama! lol!


  1. love this Wendy! I saw cool little terariums on etsy and have always wanted to do this...

  2. Awe, thank you Wendy, for such kind words.




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