Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Where's Wendy?

Big Sigh. I have just been sucked in and spit out by Twitter! That's right. I joined a few months back and I really didn't get it. 140 characters to express myself was fun, sure, but nobody was listening. It seemed self indulgent and ultimately, boring. And then I started clicking. Ah, there's one of my favourite crafting authors in the world! Click. Now I'm following Margot Potter, the Impatient Crafter, my heroine! Click. Following Claudine Hellmuth, Collage Discovery Workshop. Heroine. Click. Following Tammy Powley, About Jewlery Making. Heroine. How cool! I was listening to their tweets and following their cool links and finding all sorts of new things about things I already loved. And then it happened! Claudine Hellmuth clicked on me! And then Margot Potter did. And then Tammy Powley! Aye carumba, the Crafty Chica! And then other crafting heroines and heroes! Occasionally, I would ask them a 140 character question. And they, graciously, they would answer me! I love Twitter! So much so that I switched my homepage to it from Facebook! Twitter has opened up opportunities for me that I never imagined! Have you tried Twitter yet? It's a bit tricky at first. Let me know! I would be happy to answer any questions! Follow me at wendytgibson/twitter! Click!


  1. I tried Twitter, but really can't find the time to be active there, so I now just let my blog autopost and do occasional posts when the spirit moves me. I'll follow ya! :D

  2. This is just about the cutest post ever! :)



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