Monday, May 25, 2009

The Market Report

Well, what fun our first time at the market turned out to be!

Set up Friday Night and then returned home to fine tune necklaces and photo cards. Then, up and at 'em first thing Saturday morning! The coffee at the Market is bliss! I think that its called Kyoto Coffee, but I will make sure for next week. DEEEElicious and perfect that early! Vendors get a discount! woohoo!

Arrived to find Debbie already there with a beautiful table display. (I am not allowed to photograph inside the Morrow Building for reasons that are too unbelievable to mention. But I MUST take photos, as you know. I MUST!!!) Presented Deb with a felt Bee to act as her booth mascot and a bag of several small wooden bees to scatter around her gorgeous chain maille. Deborah means 'bee' and she is always busy as one! I think she made about 7 bracelets while she sat at her table! Mad skills!

We were right up front this week, but will be in another spot next Saturday. That's fine, as long as Deb and I are neighbours. I think that it makes all the difference to have a pal alongside. Otherwise, how would I get a chance to zip around like Sonic the Hedgehog, looking inside and out, at all the displays!?

Mom came down at around 10:00 and joined the chorus of 'ohs' and 'ahs' whenever anyone tried on something from my table. Even though I was happy just to be there and soak it all in, I was thrilled to make quite a few sales and even a profit for the day! So I know I am on the right track! I don't expect to do this well every Saturday but I can see how I could! My funky Bali Jewellery is rather irresistable!

I learned from my customers that they like sets....necklace, earrings and bracelets, unless they are teens and then matchy matchy isn't catchy! Most of what was purchased was a gift for someone else. A lady from Germany bought a butterfly necklace to match a beaded ring she bought for her daughter at home! (Note to self, get beaded rings!) Another lady bought her daughter the pretty pink mother of pearl necklace of her choice. A few smart shoppers bought gifts for themselves! One husband and one boyfriend bought mother of pearl shell earrings for their loves and another person bought one of the stunning Bali vintage glass necklaces and a shell bracelet, then ordered a matching set of blue mother of pearl necklace, earrings and bracelet for her son's girlfriend's grad gift!! I will definitely have that ready for her next Saturday!

Next week, I will set my table up completely Friday night, so that Saturday at 7:00. I can go and introduce myself to other vendors and maybe pass some flyers around in the outside part of the Market. I heard somewhere that people don't always venture into the Morrow Building when they come down for their fresh veg, so I will have to do something about that. : D Silly people!

Do you visit the farmers market in your town? What do you usually buy there?


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