Friday, August 28, 2009

Trendspotting From My Couch!

grey_fringedbag.jpgAs my colleague, Scarlet Leonard wrote last week in her article on Trend Sourcing, you can learn alot about what’s trending just by being observant. I want to share with you a little secret based on that principle, which will help you to spot trends from the comfort of your living room!
Here in Peterborough, Ontario, Wednesday and Friday nights are flyer nights. Yes, trend sourcing can be as easy as flipping through the flyers! I spot fashion trends in the department store flyers like Sears, Walmart and Zellers. I look for design and décor trends in Canadian Tire and Home Hardware flyers. Michaels, WalMart and Zellers flyers provide me with insights into crafting trends. Remember though, that trends cross markets, so the trends I find in decor will cross over to fashion and crafting, too. Continued at Craft Trends Dept.
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