Tuesday, October 27, 2009

iCraft Marketing Boot Camp Starts November 1, 2009! (SUNDAY!!!)

I have shops on Artfire and iCraft and I know that you have at least one shop somewhere or are thinking of starting one, especially with the gift giving season looming! Just wanted to let you know about iCraft's Boot Camp which is starting very shortly - November 1, 2009. 
What I like about Boot Camp is that it is daily and that it also includes marketing advice, to-do's and how-to's for marketing your business where you live! So there ya go!

If you aren't interested, no worries. If you are, here is my referral key WHICH WILL ENTITLE YOU TO 6 MONTHS OF FREE ICRAFT.CA MEMBERSHIP! 

 My Referral Key: e0049cba8b.

I have never done the Boot Camp before and I am expecting it to result in improved shops and actual sales! Boot Camp is FREE when you join iCraft! It's a good deal and iCraft has a very attractive demographic that you may not be reaching with your other shops.

Oh, and they give away rather amazing stuff!

Below is a blurb from Christine Skaley, the Program Creator and then a little discussion I had with Alison Lynch from my Artfire Canadians Guild about rating venues with an article by Linda Harrell of Indie CEO. Hope this helps you sell lots!

Cheers, Wendy

About this Program

This is going to be a 28 day marketing program (weekends off) that will get us into the habit of effective and consistent marketing, with low to no cost methods: and at least 30 minutes of your time daily. Bootcamp will be about establishing routines and disciplines to do the daily marketing activities needed to keep your business growing. It will be about meeting some of your online neighbours and icraft family, so from hereafter you will always have a support system.

There will be 2 new daily threads started by me, Christine Skaley.
Day 1 - Check In and Day's Assignment.
Day 1 - What Happened?

Throughout the day I'll encourage you to post questions and communicate freely in the forum, about what you are doing... You can brag, debate, question and even argue... but no whining. Next day you will again see 3 new threads, and so on and so on for each of the remaining days.

We will try and get everyone including newbies out of the gate with at least one sale. I hate zero. It looks fat. :)

We will make this fun and interesting with free stuff too!
To sign-up for this program and to qualify for iCraft incentives, please go to "My Profile" and check "Yes, sign me up for the "Sellers' Bootcamp" program!" checkbox.

Alison Lynch has sent you a message on Artfire Canadians

Hi Wendy,

I've actually been checking out icraft.ca as another possible selling venue.

What's the dynamic like in terms of shoppers who visit the site? I really like the look and feel of iCraft, and would appreciate any insight you could share.


Oh cool, Alison, glad this is helpful! I chatted with 'GalleriaLinda' who is very involved in the Boot Camp program and the iCraft forums generally. Here is an excerpt that I think you will find extremely relevant! Linda is from Florida and that is why I asked her about why she was using what I think of as a Canadian venue.

me:  why iCraft, which is to my mind, primarily a canadian venue?
lharrellmail:  I love iCraft because it has a different demographic. I find that my jewelry does not really click with the major demographic of Etsy.
You can go to www.quantcast.com and see demographics for venues. Very important.
Plus, the iCraft admin are so great and easy to work with. And, I love their bootcamp.
Their one-page listing sheet is SUCH a time saver.
 me:  very interesting! so you have sold more on iCraft?
 lharrellmail:  Yes I have made more sales there - even with my paltry time investment (because of working).
 lharrellmail:  Yes - on iCraft. More sales in shorter time than Etsy.
 me:  have you written an article about rating venues on quantcast on indie ceo?

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