Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Treasure Box!

It all started with the tag in the top right corner. The deal was that, if someone commented on a HHH Enterprise blog post, they could win one of these little beauties, with their name or initials or a word, stamped into it! And I did and I did! This lead me to be in touch with Sarah, over and over again, who, tired by my saliva-laced comments and drooling, over-the-top praises, sent me a box of treasure to see what I would make of it. (Or to shut me up lol).

Wow! I opened the box, and this, as seen above, is what was inside! There is a ducky little tiny bottle with a cork that you can wear as a pendant or use for shrines, for example.....laser cut wooden pendants, some cool heart findings, a little 'stone' charm that says 'PEACE', a HUGE peace sign medallion, a really unusual watch face with wood inlay, interesting glass slide pendants and stunning, double hinged, glass lockets with doors that open! Many of these glass pendants come in packs of six! They come in many different shapes, too. You'll find it hard to choose! The house ones are darling! The huge round one looks good empty but I have several ideas for what to put in it! They also have pendants that resemble little shadow boxes! iyiyi!

I am crazy about the supplies that can be found at HHH Enterprises, because, although I mostly make jewellery I also make other stuff, too. I like to mix it up! Their blog showcases project ideas that are geared to people like me who make and sell mixed media jewellery. Best of all, they share ways to make beautiful jewellery while keeping the costs down! Their stuff always seems to pack a big pow, even before you do anything to it! I mean, look at those lockets! They are already perfect as is, with the charming ribbon and cord necklace. But what if you switched out the ribbon for a slinky little snake chain? Slam a photo of your dog in there on one side, a snap of the boyfriend on the other, and you're happening! Best of all, you can switch it all out again for the next event. I love 'em. They are like mini-art exhibits that you wear! And they come in so many shapes! So, yeah, I'll show you a few ways to play with those. I'm also very excited about those wooden pendants! Aren't they cool? They are about 2 inches and made of walnut. Again, a big bang already, hang 'em on a ribbon, off ya go. A really lovely, no effort necklace.

Stay tuned for the results!


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  1. What a wonderful selection of goodies, lucky you. That watch face does look really interesting.



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