Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bounty From The Beadin' Path!

Mouth-watering greens, pinks, and purples! Shiny and matte and moonglow! Rounds, ovals, rondelles, top-drilled, flowers and drops!  Ga ga with gratitude over this heavenly heap and already have a couple of ideas for each item! Thanks again to Heather at The Beadin' Path for choosing such rich colours and finishes and shapes for me to play with!

I'll try to show a few of the things that you could do with these, especially the drops and flowers. I can tell you right now that, if you just put a jump ring through either of the flower pieces and hang them on a chain or ribbon, you'll be stylin'! The top drilled purple beads are so pretty that if you just strung them on memory wire, elastic or tiger tail, as is, you'd have a great looking bracelet! Actually, a simple strand of any of these luscious beads would be delightful at the wrist or neck.

Because the beads are so lovely on their own, the challenge, as always, is to show them off without overwhelming them!  Whenever I make a bracelet or necklace, I decide first which beads are going to be the stars of the piece, which beads will be the supporting players and which beads will chime in from the chorus. So let's see what kind of production I come up with using these!


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