Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Raining Beads! And Findings!

Cor, what a week of fabulous mail deliveries! Took this later in the day so it is rather shadowy, otherwise I think you can see the many cool things sent to me by Rings & Things for winning their Blog Partner Contest!

I'm intrigued to find what appear to be scrapbook embellishments! So glad my Tim Holtz token has an "E" on it, for Edward, my dh! Watch hands, a frame, a metal corner...these are from Tim's Idea-ology™ line.

There are also the cutest little glass Christmas charms...a tree, a stocking, an adorable pengy penguin, a gingerbready bear and two decapitated snowmen! Well, the heads of the snowmen lol! I know that they want to be earrings but there are a few other things I'm trying first with them!

I'm loving the three different types of chain, especially the Ebony wooden chain.

Oh and right there in the middle, and a little to the left, is the most darling little bottle, with a screwable closure and a hole for a jump ring! It looks like a fairy's perfume bottle or maybe a flask for those hard fairy days!

Okay! To work!

(SO not work! lol)/

Thank you Dave and Rings & Things! Please stand by!



  1. Great picture Wendy. Love the shadow effects -- the fairies would approve. Enjoy!

    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things



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