Monday, April 26, 2010

Accidental Skyline

I love the internet, especially when I win cool swag, as I did from the I Love to Create blog! And I love stencils, because I can't really draw, and I like the look of graffiti! So, these stencils and this paint made me very happy! Alexa, the Swell Designer, sent me the Punk Princess set and again I thank you, Alexa!. It's 3D paint!!! One of the stencils is of a city skyline, a motif that I have always loved. I'm very urban lol. I've been waiting for just the right idea for these items and, yay, I got a great one on the weekend!

First of all, I was showing some of the girls in my craft gang, The Day Dreamers, how to do neato backgrounds by squirting a couple of different colours of paint on a canvas or paper and then just scraping across the paint with an old credit card or a putty knife. People are always so impressed with how this ends up. It can also go terribly wrong so don't overdo the colours and amounts. It's easier to add than it is to take away. I used an 8" x 8" canvas to demo and brought it home where it sat around for awhile. Until today, when I suddenly grabbed it and stencilled in the skyline! Outlined it with a black pencil and then painted it in with acrylic. It looked good just like that, except that the whole city seemed to be experiencing a blackout!

There was no way that I was going to paint a gazillion little, tiny windows on all the buildings. And then * poing *.... the words ~Iridescent Glitter~ sprang into my head. Yes! I outlined the buildings with it and then used a paint brush to smooth it all out and...good grief! It now looks like thousands of tiny lights are on in the city!

The canvas looked like this until I used the stencil.
And now it looks like this, after the stencilling and glittering! Isn't it cool? Before I stencilled it, I fooled around with a silver paint pen and a gold paint pen around the edges. Doesn't the glitter look like windows? I love it! Thanks so much to Alexa and the I Love to Create gang for their great products and generousity!

P.S. Just because it says that these are fabric stencils and paints, you don' t have to listen! Wait till you see what I am going to do with the 3D paints! I will give you a hint! I am transforming a piece of luggage into a colourful and portable ride for my crafting gear! Oh, I guess I just told you what I am doing! lolol! Wait till you see it though!



  1. Wow Wendy, that looks like fun, you queen of glitter! Love the stencil idea. I've done the freezer paper technique but those seem so much easier.

  2. Edie, I love the look of graffiti and urban wall art! Stencils rock! It's so cool to come across one on the sidewalk! (Remember kids! Don't tag stuff that isn't yours!)

    You have got to try these stencils! On your dyed fabrics, they would look amazing!



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