Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Last night I took my first hula hooping class! I laughed for an hour and was the worst one out of 3 other students! Luckily I have a deep core of self confidence and our teacher is a long time friend of mine!

The picture is of our beautiful teacher, Basia, spinning not one, but two, hoops! The hoops are filled with water and you can buy them from Basia, who makes them herself! And look at her! Obviously hooping works!

I am seriously not good at it but Basia promises that I will get better. Today, for $2.00, I bought a small hoop at The Bargain Shop, to practice with. So far, not so good! lol Small hoops are harder because they go faster but we will see. Perhaps, when I have mad skills, I will spin the small hoop, nonchalently, from my wrist.

This is the most fun exercising I have ever had, since I was a kid, I guess. If you take yourself really seriously, don't do this! If you don't want to have a riot, don't do this!

Supposedly, it really tones you and strengthens you! Which couldn't hurt! I'll tell ya, I'm feeling my calf muscles, my ab muscles hurt, my arms are tight and ... that's all just from laughing! Can't wait till next week!

Violette just painted her canoe turquoise and pink!

What's the craziest thing that you have done to get in shape?

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  1. this is too much fun Wendy! I think a couple of years ago i blogged about hula hoops - a friend made me one and it was even had glitter on it. The larger the hula hoop the easier it is to keep going. I think there is a tutorial online somewhere where you can make your own hoops!

    Love, Violette

  2. Good for you for having a go AND buying a hoop!! Even as a child I could not hula hoop to save my life, may I should try again - in the privacy of my livingroom!! :)



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