Thursday, June 3, 2010

Napkin Art & Technicolour Faces

Originally uploaded by Sharon@norah'S
Sharon Tomlinson is offering a brand new online workshop on her ning this month!

Technicolour Faces:
"Class tuition is $55.00. Registration will start as soon as I can get it up. The class will actually start June 18th. That will give a couple of weeks for the Artist to gather and get ready. It is so much fun when starting with a big group all at the same time. The energy is so exhilarating and inspiring and I hope you will all join in. ~ Sharon"

I first found Sharon's collage work with napkins in Cloth Paper Scissors and fell in love with her art and her process! The napkins add a magical dimensions and her way of painting quite unique!

Please sign up for the class at All Norah'S Art! You'll love it!

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