Monday, January 3, 2011

Journaling Workshops Abound!

Study of horseImage via WikipediaArt journals are so familiar to me...I take the concept for granted. Recently, after reading my last post, someone commented on Twitter that they had never heard of Visual Journaling! I guess that is true of lots of people! If you haven't seen an art journal, or artist's sketchbook, you are in for something that might be quite overwhelming, if not inspiring!

Leonardo da Vinci had some nice sketchbooks. He would scribble things in it, jot down ideas for inventions ... write Leo loves Mona, over and over....

I just got my 9 x 12 journal to use for the Strathmore Artist Papers workshops! It's almost the one I was supposed to get, but Michaels didn't have that one. Yay!

The guts of my first two pages are assembled already and I have a picture in my head, lots of colours mostly.....I'm going to really use the heck out of my new-to-me Cricut Expression from ProvoCraft to embellish my journal! (Does anyone know how to tell the Cricut Ex what size you want if the screen doesn't light up? But I digress).

Have a look at Strathmore's free Journaling classes! Check out the other journaling starts for 2011 that I am linking to. I keep finding more!

Do you keep an art journal?

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  1. Hiya! Found your blog via Mary (Joyful Ploys) and there's so much to explore...! Yes, I keep an art journal and how can someone not have heard of visual journalling?! Those Leonardo sketches are wonderful!



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