Monday, January 9, 2012

Special Intro Offer Ends Soon!

Just a quick note to let you know that the introductory price for these two kits from Goddess Leonie are going up in price on Friday, January 13 (yes, in like three days!).
Grab them NOW!

7 ways to clear negative energy & help your home lift you!
Whether your goal is to feel happier in your space, get more money (or creativity or love) flowing through your space, or just feel calmer and more at ease in your space, the sacred space clearing techniques in this kit can get you there. $19.00 until Friday!
Creating With Kids Mini Workshop
"We mamas, we need our art. We need our art to breathe, to heal, to shine, to glow. We need our art to be the women we are meant to be. But when we become mamas, somewhere between the nap, the mess and the mayhem, we forget to find the time and space for our art.
There must be a new way.  This 40 minute video workshop will teach you how to create with kids – how to make it happen, remove the frustration and have a divine experience doing it.
Creating with Kids will teach you step-by-step, in the most intimate of ways, how it is possible. This is part reality TV glimpse into two goddesses messy tangle of paint and love… part instructional video… part spiritual awakening."  $13.00 until Friday!
Please note: All Goddess Circle members get these kits + all Goddess Leonie's other products all FREE with their membership. The membership is definitely the bestest value option EVERRRRRR (Over $900 worth of kits, workshops, videos, worksheets and more for only $99 a year. This includes the 2012 Planner/Workbook./Calendar!).

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