Friday, June 15, 2012

A Free Gift for You! (it is awesome!)

Grab the FREE Biz + Blog Star Workshop for a limited time + find out:

*How to get a super profitable business super quickly

*7 ways to get 20 000 blog readers

*How to have a one million dollar idea

*Tips, tools + tricks to garnering a HUGE audience

*How to charge for your stuff (the question 

*How to make lots of gorgeous abundance online using your creative + soulful gifts

*& how to not go bonkerdoodles & (OMG!) have glorious fun as you do it!


I was quite stunned, shocked, surprised when I found out that Leonie Dawson is literally giving away this workshop! You cannot lose! Have a look and, if you feel like it, let me know what you think! I  have paid for online business courses and I promise you, the value in this workshop is easily equal to anything that I paid $100.00 for! Which kind of freaks me out a bit! lol Anyway, have a look!


Early bird discount on Goddess Circle membership ENDS Tuesday 3 July, 2012
Memberships will DOUBLE in price then.
Get in NOW to save HALF PRICE on this incredible package!
What’s the Goddess Circle all about?
  • Quite simply, it’s the BEST place to begin to make every single part of your life SHINE.
  • 2000 women — and growing, every day.
  • 10 e-courses, meditation guides, workbooks & tools.
  • 12 powerful tribes, for every type of Goddess.
  • Transformation for EVERY part of your life – business, soul, health, happiness, creativity + home!
  • Save hundreds of dollars – Just $99 per year!
If you have EVER contemplated joining this community, NOW is the time to do it! (There is a payment plan!!!).

See you there!

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