Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Wow! Thank you to everyone who purchased the 2013 Workbooks and Calendars almost the minute that I published my last post about them! lol They really do sell themselves at $9.95. I know that they will really help you to create  an awesome blueprint of the coming year for you! 

They say that if we fail to plan, we plan to fail and I believe it! It's a lot of fun filling in my special days on the calendar and imagining how I would like things to happen in the coming year! I have one Big Dream in particular that the business worksheets are really helping me plan. I'll post more about that as it developes!

Don't forget that you can buy these in bulk to give as gifts! I love that! It would be so much fun to have a Planner Party and work on filling in the calendar together and sowing the seeds of your dreams with your pals! Hmmmmmm...now I totally want to do that! Maybe we could do it online, too! (I'll check into that.)

Here's an adorable video of Leonie Dawson talking about the new 2013 workbooks and calendars. Her life is " a living embodiment of making dreams come true" for herself and others, and she is really helping me to make my own dreams come true, too! 

Do you use a calendar to plan your year?

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