Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Creative Jump Start Summit 2013

This is FREE! Everyday a video or blog post is mailed to you, to set your creative juices flowing! I am loving it so far and so glad to see old and new-to-me craft heroines involved.

Here’s what you get and how it works:
1. Throughout January you will get videos showing tutorials to inspire you.
2. You sign up for the Creative JumpStart 2013 newsletter HERE and you will receive  a daily link and password to unlock the view of the materials as soon as they go live.
3. On some days the Sponsors will have a giveaway for you and you will receive two newsletters these days
4. You watch the presentations and you will be hopefully inspired to be more creative—all for FREE! If you like it you can donate to the cause – check it out here.

So come on—get inspiration from some of the most creative people in the community!!!
What inspired you today?

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