Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Going Postal Update!

Aries absolutely going postal over the soggy, opened envelope!
The Sun shone and shone and then it finally rained! That was the day my zines from Su M. at Tangle Crafts in England arrived! The envelope was kind of wet and .... opened! After a tiny freak-out, I grabbed my camera to record this ... this ... devastation. What if something had fallen out? What if I had been robbed? Everything was there though! Phew! However, the trauma of blurry addresses and gaping envelopes took my breath away for a moment! And you can see how upset Aries was!
The fabulous, damp contents!
But what a wonderful package - a trove of treasure! The zines are packed chockfull of information on weaving ATCs, french knitting, ATC swaps, time management, doll making a la Oddball Charms, oh, all sorts! Interviews, book reviews, how-to's! Very nice and cheap at the price! The yarn is lovely! So, you read them, which is a pleasure, and then you make things from the instructions, another pleasure, and then you take photos and share them here, an absolute delight for all of us!

Have you made any ATCs for the Going Postal project? Are you making any zines?



  1. Another Awesome Concept! You go girl!

  2. It's curious that, when you was asking "are you making any zines" in July, I was working to my first zine "Forest of symbols"! :)
    Su's work was one of my inspirations; i love her zines (just today I bought 3 of her products!).



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